VALORFORCE is more than a masterpiece.

When you choose VALORFORCE, you are not just trusting us for
our impeccable craftsmanship and finest materials.

You trust VALORFORCE with your legacy, because of our unrelenting promise to you.
To always be better, to protect what matters.

the right safe

for me

Choosing the right safe can be tricky. Especially because buying safes isn’t an everyday affair, and there’s mountains of information out there. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Here’s some tips from our Safes Expert:


Obvious but important. Consider where and what you’ll be keeping in the safe. For long-term convenience, make sure that your safe choice can store everything you want easily, and its size fits where you’re placing it.

Locking Type

Digital, fingerprint or wheel lock? Whichever you choose, it will offer the same security as long as you’re getting safes from a trusted expert. Consider whether you want to remember codes or combination, or rely on your fingerprint to access your safe.


Most people think about preventing thefts when buying safes, but fire protection is equally important, to protect irreplaceable valuables like mementos, documents and photos.

Professional Bolt-Down

Getting a safe is just half the work. Make sure that your safes are correctly installed (else it’s not insured either!). Look for safes that come with delivery and installation included. We offer full installation on all products, so just ask us if you need it.

Too Heavy, Too Light

Placing safes upstairs? Choose one that isn’t too heavy for your floor. But not too light, that it becomes easy for burglars to carry it away! If you’re getting a small home or office safe, be sure to bolt it down.

Since its inception in 2007, VALORFORCE has rapidly blazed its way into international markets, growing seven times in size in just six years.

Scouring the world for the best safes, our collection includes first-class brands
from Germany, U.S., Bulgaria and more.

We’re a PIONEER.
First biometric safe in Malaysia. Proven impenetrable security.
Globally accredited for cutting-edge French technology.

VALORFORCE is built to withstand generations.


To be the world’s leading purveyor of the best safety solutions.


Providing the most reliable protection for you and your loved ones.